Our top tips for solo travel

Exploring the temples of Angkor Wat

Whether introvert or extrovert, the power of solo travel to transform and enhance your view of the world can’t be overestimated. But we understand that the first time can be hard, daunting and sometimes uncomfortable, so we’ve created these 7 tips to help you master the art. Whether you’re a veteran or a first-time solo traveller, read our top tips for travelling solo and test them out for yourself on the road.

1. Say yes as much as possible

When used sensibly, this one word can transform your travel experience no end.  We’re not suggesting you say yes to everything (that can get expensive), but thinking twice before dismissing something you usually wouldn’t try at home can have a profound effect.

2.  Trust people more than your guidebook

The power of your Lonely Planet before you depart can’t be overstated. Give it some real attention, study it and map your route to your heart’s content, but once you touch down, it should be no more than a reference point. With your head between the pages it’s nearly impossible to act instinctively, make genuine relationships and think for yourself without the guidebook as a crutch.

3. Make friends, but learn to enjoy your own company

One of the beauties of solo travel is the barriers it breaks down in terms of meeting new people, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend your time searching. As well as developing relationships with new people, solo travel can create a new relationship with yourself. Don’t feel like you need to spend your time surrounded by new people, some of the best moments during a solo trip can be exactly that, solo.

4. Embrace the independence

Another beauty of solo travel is that every decision can be your own. No waiting around for others to wake up after a long night, no being dragged to an overcrowded tourist trap and generally no daily compromise. If it’s your first time, the liberation of being completely in control can be profound. Not every day will bring a seamless plan, but that’s the beauty of solo travel; each day can be a lesson.

5. Travel smart

The independence that comes with a solo trip shouldn’t leave room for carelessness. Keep extra copies of your documentation and identification spread around your luggage. The same applies for cash, if you’re drawing out big amounts at a time; don’t leave the entire wad in the same compartment of your backpack. Spread the currency between your person and your belongings evenly, just in case.



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