Our Travel Calendar 2018 – February

With so many on the bucket list, it’s almost impossible to pick which country to visit next, and even harder to know when to go. If you’re travelling with the seasons, our monthly lists of top countries to visit in each month of the year should help steer your compass in 2018. First up is February, and we’ve picked our top five to get you started.

Swedish Lapland

A time when Christmas is over but winter feels like it will never end, February is the perfect month to embrace the season’s chill. So why not combine both feelings with a trip to Lapland, where that Christmas feeling is perpetual and winter promises to feel endlessly better than it does at home.

Lapland Travel Calendar


Though undeniably alluring all year round, visit Thailand in late February and benefit from the lowest cloud coverage of the year and the best visibility in the Gulf, resulting in perfect conditions for scuba diving.

 Thailand, Travel Calendar

Faroe Islands

In the wake of a food revolution that few are yet to discover, a visit to the Faroe Islands, a self-governing community within the Kingdom of Denmark, offers an experience of complete contrasts.  The 18 islands, most accessed by public helicopters, may be strikingly different, but all share one common theme; double-take beauty and some of the friendliest locals you’ll ever encounter.

Travel Calendar - Faroe Islands

Sri Lanka

Offering just about every Indian Ocean allure you could dream of, Sri Lanka is an island that never ceases to surprise us. From tea country exploration to coastal imbibing and unique safari opportunities, a visit to this enchanting island promises many things, but sheer variety is at the top of the list.





February is the perfect time to visit this Central American jewel, if you’re lucky enough to have a few weeks to explore, we have the perfect itinerary for you. Make your way from Tikal in the North to the breathtaking highlands of Lanquin, eventually winding your way down to the colonial charm of Antigua and on to Lake Atitlan, where you’ll be rewarded with the perfect combination of adventure, party and chill.

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala




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