The 12 best places to visit in 2018

Making your bucket-list for 2018? We’ve collated a list of our must-visit destinations, from the coasts of North Africa to China’s most dramatic province. Before you book your flights, make sure you check-out each of these unmissable corners of the globe.


Aside from wondrous trekking opportunities, awe-striking landscapes and some of the friendliest locals we’ve ever encountered, 2018 will see the increased construction of rural airports and better integration of trekking and mountaineering permits, making 2018 the best year yet to visit this charming nation.


The ideal place to see gorillas for a fraction of the price of neighbouring Rwanda (where permit prices have risen over 100%), Uganda’s Kibale Forest National Park is a treasure trove of wildlife experiences.



A mixture of colonial charm, local adventures and value for money make this Central American jewel a must-visit for us in 2018. Whether you’re exploring the volcano-ringed Lake Atitlan, trekking through ancient Mayan temples in Tikal National Park or disconnecting in the highlands, Guatemala is a country that offers something for everyone.


British Colombia, Canada

After last year’s 150th Birthday celebrations and the inauguration of a new, charismatic Prime Minister, Canada had a real moment in 2017. We’re expecting this moment to continue long into 2018, and whether you’re looking to explore the slopes in winter or trek, mountain bike and swim in summer, British Colombia is our top pick in this amazing country.



King of local experiences, Cuba’s lack of internet access makes it the perfect destination if you’re looking to disconnect and plug-in to a true sense of tradition. Long before the days of Airbnb, Cuba built it’s own network of family-run casitas that are still the prevalent accommodation option to this day, promising to deliver an authentic experience for every traveller.

Valetta, Malta

Malta’s capital rarely makes the travel industry headlines, but this UNESCO site is high on our list of must-visits in 2018. Combining Mediterranean charm with an exotic north-African twist, Valetta has justifiably been crowned European Capital of Culture 2018 and will be home to 140 projects and 400 events throughout the year. There’s simply never been a better time to visit.

Hunan, China

Blending natural beauty and man-made wonders, Hunan is our favourite region in China. From the historic and primitive beauty of Fenghuang to the striking beauty of Zhangjiajie’s verdant canyons, Hunan Province should be the first stop on your list when travelling to China.

Mexico City, Mexico

As the new World Design Capital 2018, Mexico City is the new posterchild for how design can impact the quality of local lives. Visit in 2018 and expect to be blown away by a combination of regeneration, signature events and inspiring talks about the future of design.


Offering the perfect slice of Middle Eastern culture, Oman is a rich and varied country that offers an authentic Arabian experience. And with wild camping being legal in almost every corner of the country, Oman is perfect for an alternative road trip. Starting in the storied capital of Muscat, 4×4 rental is cheap and allows easy exploration of sweeping sand dunes, breath-taking mountain landscapes and dramatic coasts.

Essaouira, Morocco

From city to coast, Morocco is a gem for budget travel. But Essaouira has caught our attention in recent months thanks to a combination of charming hostels, coastal adventures and some of the finest fresh seafood we’ve ever tasted. Direct low-cost flights from the UK are also helping to open up this stunning region of North Africa.

La Paz, Bolivia

With an increasing culinary presence in the Bolivian Capital, we’re tipping La Paz to become one of South America’s more explored destinations in the coming years. We suggest you visit now before the real crowds arrive.


With favourable exchange rates for the Colombian Peso there’s never been a better time to visit Colombia in terms of budget. But looking past the cost, Colombia offers a stunning combination of storied cities, Amazonian exploration and both Pacific and Caribbean coasts, making it one of South America’s most eclectic countries.


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