Top 10 Travel Blogs of 2017

Carefully selecting your pre-travel reading can have a profound effect on your adventures. Whether you need general destination advice or granular details on a far corner of the earth, there’s a blog out there to help you plan your perfect trip. Check out the best personal travel blogs of 2017, each offering meticulous levels of insight, advice and inspiration for your next trip.


Lost With Purpose

Through the eyes of American and Dutch travel obsessives, Lost with Purpose is a blog that truly delves beneath the skin of each destination. From conversations with the king of Bhutan to adventures in Kazakhstan’s Kolsai National Park, their blog offers authentic advice and wanderlust inspiring tales from the most unique corners of the globe.

Adventure in You

“What’s the best way to start planning a trip?”

“How do I find the best things to do while on the road?”

“How can some people afford to travel for so long?”

“How do people make money from travel blogging?”

If questions like this are a common theme to your travels, you need to visit Adventure in You. Personal experience is at the core of this blog, making it one of the most trustworthy sites for anyone looking to mastermind their own truly unique and unforgettable trip.

One Step 4ward

Proof that money isn’t everything, and certainly not where travel is concerned Johnny Ward’s blog chronicles the adventure of an Irish traveller who transformed from an English teacher in Thailand to a digital nomad on a mission to not only visit, but fully explore every country on the planet. Johnny’s story is testament to the power of blogging and the freedom that it can offer.

Nomad Revelations

A blog that blends inspiring posts with super useful lists and advice, Nomad Revelation puts the answers to your every travel question at your fingertips. From feeding Hyenas in Harar to visiting the DMZ between North and South Korea, the Best Travel Experiences section of Nomad Revelations never fails to inspire.


Where Life is Great

“Leave your comfort zone far behind, I will show you how” – This bold but valid claim from blogger Marta, sums up Where Life is Great, a blog that puts local interaction at the centre and chronicles the rewards through unique storytelling and breathtaking photography.

The Bucket List Family

Making us resent our parents ever so slightly, The Bucket List Family is led by Garret and Jessica Gee, two ex-missionaries that met in Vladivostok and now explore the world through a family lens with their two children Dorothy and Manilla. Whether you’re a parent looking for family travel tips, or simply want to be inspired by a family that place experience at the forefront of their storytelling, The Bucket List Family are perfect ambassadors for multi-generational life on the road.


Where’s Molly

Alongside her global travel adventures, Molly’s blog highlights must-visit cultural festivals, showcases her musical talents and breaks everything down into easy categories. Whether you’re planning a luxury weekend city break, a solo backpacking adventure or just need some tips on the most efficient ways to travel, Where’s Molly is the perfect online destination to ignite your travel passion.

Local Adventurer

By relocating to a new city every year to vastly increase their local knowledge, this blog’s namesake is as trustworthy as their content. Check it out and you’ll find a combination of in-depth city guides, meticulous packing tips and essential experience check-lists that you know you can trust.


Hand Luggage Only

University friends turned travel experts, Yaya and Lloyd dreamed up Hand Luggage Only after realising their passion for travel storytelling at Cambridge University. Three years on and their site is the go-to UK blog for honest advice and playful humour, all underpinned by a serious passion for global exploration.


The Whole World is a Playground

Proof that you don’t have to ditch your career to become a digital nomad, Dave and Elaine are two Irish bloggers with an aim to visit 15 countries per year while still holding their 9-5 jobs. Providing serious life-envy as well as a unique and well-tested insight into the best way to live this dream, this blog is one of the most uplifting out there.

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