Five Travel hacks that guarantee to save you time and money

The internet is no stranger to a travel hack list, but we’ve gone for quality over quantity and compiled a list of the five travel hacks you can’t leave home without knowing. Trust us, follow the below and you’ll save time, money and stress during every trip.


Download Hopper

One of those hacks we can’t believe we ever travelled without. If you have a few months notice before travelling, setting up price alerts means you can save big money before you ever leave the country. Apps like Hopper are an essential tool for finding the cheapest flights. As well as boasting a sleek and efficient interface, Hopper’s unique price prediction technology (which is 95% accurate) sends you a push notification when it’s the best time to book, meaning you can spend your time planning the perfect trip, rather than scouring flight aggregators.

Refrigerate your rechargeable batteries

Whether it’s a drone, SLR or portable phone charger, placing rechargeable batteries in the fridge helps them retain up to 90% of their full charge, meaning you won’t have to charge them as often whilst also extending their overall lifespan.


Get the right travel card

Choosing the right travel card can seem like a minefield, but there’s one option that keeps things simple, saves you money and helps you track your budget wherever you are in the world. Monzo, an East London start-up that feels like it’s been around for years, takes away the currency exchange headaches and grants you charge-free spending in shops, restaurants and any other ‘point of sale’ establishments around the world. When withdrawing from ATMs, Monzo also allows you £200 free allowance per month and just a 3% charge thereafter. And the best thing; everything is managed on your smartphone; you can see every purchase in real-time (making it a dream for budgeting), you can transfer money to other Monzo users via the app in seconds (a dream for splitting bills) and you can also control how much money is stored on the card at the push of a button by transferring funds in real-time from your current debit account. We don’t know how we ever travelled without it.


Protect your luggage

Whether you want to protect your valuables or simply want to make sure you can collect your baggage first at the carousel, marking your luggage as fragile means the baggage handlers will be that bit more gentle with your beloved backpack. And because fragile baggage is almost always placed on the plane last, you’ll be the first out the airport when you arrive.


Get the right offline map

Never lose your way and easily find friends with MAPS.ME, the perfect map app that requires no mobile data or WiFi. Just pre-download the map of the next town, city or even country, and you can navigate your way across pre-saved points of interest, add your own check-points and open a world of stress-free road tripping possibilities with the app’s route planning feature.


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