Five of the best lunchbreak travel videos

Nothing inspires wanderlust like a good travel video, there’s certainly no shortage of them online. We;ve handpicked five of our all time favourite travel videos that’ll make you want to pack your bags and head on your next adventure.



Highlighting why Alaska should be at the top of everyone’s bucket list, this short film by Ben Sturgulewski is shot entirely by drone and will have you checking flights, reaching for your passport and planning your next great adventure the minute it ends. Born and raised in Alaska, Sturgulewskiis is the perfect candidate to showcase this North American gem.


Time is Nothing

17 countries, 343 days and 6237 photographs are combined during this five-minute masterpiece that never fails to ignite wanderlust. The result is a time-lapse that takes you from the souks of Marrakech to the highlands of Peru and everywhere in between. Trust us, this is an adventure worth following.

Yosemite Range of Light

One of the most alluring regions in the USA takes on a whole new light in this four-minute visual masterpiece from filmmaker Shawn Reeder. The style and character behind Shawn’s work will have you have daydreaming about hitting the road instantly. For more insight into his work, check out his Instagram page, where you’ll find snapshots of his life and time on the road.



Because sometimes the best thing about travel is food, EAT chronicles a taste adventure around the world through the eyes of filmmaker Rick Mereki. Part one of a stunning trilogy, EAT was followed up by videos MOVE and LEARN, two stellar companions to this mouth-watering short.

Friends in High Places

If you’ve ever considered the life of a digital nomad, this four-minute short will push you over the edge and have you converting your dream to reality ASAP. Chronicling a west coast road trip, Cyrus Sutton’s cheerful soundtrack and Point of View shots will have you craving adventure from start to finish.


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